Spherical Cow Games is always looking for talent to expand our ranks as contributorscontractors, and employees.

Contributors are people who want to get their feet wet and gain marketable experience creating video games, but don’t want to spend more than an hour or so a week doing it. This is, as such, an unpaid position, however credit will be given in all shipped tittles your work is used in.

Once you become a contractor with Spherical Cow Games you will be given access to a list of code snippets, models, animations, etc… that we are actively looking for and can then reserve the work you are interested in.

Contractors are paid either by the hour or job, depending on the work at hand.
There are currently no open full time positions at Spherical Cow Games… however, if you think you are worth it, give it try.


If you are interested, send an email to Employment(at)SCowGames.com briefly answering the questions below:

What do you believe makes a great game great?

What functionality you have never seen in a game but want to build?

Your favorite game? Why?

Why do you want to make video games in the first place?