The Creative Machine is now available in the App store for iOS!

  (If you are unable to use The Creative Machine, it means you need to install this plugin.)

The Creative Machine is a one-stop shop writing prompt generator for writers and teachers of creative writing a like. In it’s current form, it can generate over 1,000,000 unique writing prompts, and there are more to come. It will be available for free (with limited features) here on the website, as well as on hand-held devices (iOS and Android). The mobile version will have purchasable extensions (character tracts, act structure analysis, etc…), and the desktop version will be purchasable with full functionality.

What you see below is an alpha-test release of the software for the purposes of testing and feedback, so if you have an opinion please share it.   [unity src=”349″]   Coming Soon – Editing and Revision Exercises – Narrative Exercises – Editable Databases – Basic word processor, with email support (instructors, you can assign your students to complete a prompt, have every assignment be unique, and emailed directly to you from the program so that students cannot edit the content of the prompt they completed). -iOS and Android application – Mac and Windows application – School Side Server, so prompts can be uploaded and stored for easy access by teacher (if email is not ideal).